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Question and Answers

How much is Fethiye paragliding price?

How much does it cost to jump from Babadağ? Let's try to answer questions such as is it expensive with up-to-date information. The average price in 2022 for a tandem in Fethiye was $ 100. paragliding You can see the current prices on the page.

Is Fethiye Paragliding dangerous?

We can say that by including our 20 years of experience and teaching history in this regard; There is no danger as long as you make it safe. Apart from our discourses, you can also examine statistical articles.

Compared to tandem, solo pilots tend to perform some unnecessary (exceeding their own bar) acrobatic moves during individual flights that maximize the risk of accidents.

Risk kendinizsiniz. Zaten az ama medyatik olan kazaların %90 ı kalkışlarda olur. Ölüdeniz’deki usta pilotunuz için ise bu süreçler araçla trafiğe çıkmaktan farksızdır. Kalkış brifingine harfiyen uymanız yeterli olacaktır.

How many minutes does Babadag paragliding take?

Flight time approximately 30 minutes. It will be appropriate if you act as if you will spare 2 hours for the total duration of the tour.

The duration of the flight may be reduced by 5 minutes, It can take up to 45 minutes. After all, this time can be shortened as there is air activity and guests sometimes want to do aerobatics. If the weather is unstable, that is, thermic, the time may be longer.

Is there an age limit to parachute in Ölüdeniz?

The lower age limit for paragliding is 4.
There is no upper age limit. You just have to be healthy.

What are the paragliding weight limits?

The maximum weight limit is 100 kg.
The minimum weight limit is 20 kg.

Do you need to know swimming for scuba diving?

You do not need to know swimming in this dive, which you will do with an instructor. Before diving and diving, it is necessary to be comfortable and not panic. Even when you meet our expert trainer, these situations will disappear.

How much is the Fethiye scuba diving price?

Fethiye scuba diving price is $ 35. For the reservation page click.

How long is scuba diving?

It is enough to allocate 2 hours for the activity in Ölüdeniz. There is also time for other activities on the same day.

For full-day diving, we have a tour from Fethiye including lunch. You do 2 dives.

Each dive lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

How many meters can we go down with scuba diving?

It is made up to 4 to 8 meters. If you are an advanced diver, it is possible to talk to the instructor and dive deeper.

What is the scuba diving age limit?

The lower age limit is 12. Those under the age of 18 require parental consent.