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Paragliding Flight Prices 2022 On Sale

Paragliding Flight Prices 2022 On Sale

Fethiye Oludeniz Paragliding flightları hız kesmeden devam ediyor. Dünya’nın bir çok bölgesinden ülkemize ziyaretçi gelen yerli ve yabancı turistlere; unutulmaz bir uçuş deneyimi sunan Ölüdeniz’de, yerli turistler fiyatların artışından dolayı şikayetçiydi. Ekonomik şartların da değerlendirilerek belirlendiği fiyatlar, yabancı misafirlerimizin yanında, yerli misafirlerimizin de maddi açıdan daha rahat yapabilmesi için %25 oranında düşürüldü. Peki bu indirimden sonra;

Paragliding Flight New Prices How Much ?

Since the beginning of the 2022 summer season; The flight price, which varies between 150-170 $, is "100 $" so that more of our domestic guests can have this experience. as updated. Included in this price; Including everything necessary for the flight. Alright;


What Is Included In The Flight Price?

After you arrive in Ölüdeniz for your flight, you will not pay any extra fees during the period from Babadağ to the moment you make your flight and land. Well;

  • Babadag Transportation (by cable car)
  • National Park Entrance Fee
  • Required Flight and Transfer Insurances
  • Pilotage (Flight) fee

Are Image Shooting Fees Included in the Price?

Photo and video footage taken during the flight is included in the price. is not. Your pilots, who will make your flight and shoot images, expect the return of their efforts for the shooting and want to earn financial gain. Of course, this is one of the most important points where the service part of the business comes to the fore. Your pilots, who will offer you an unforgettable flight experience with their experience, should also reveal the spirit of photography with the same experience and professionalism and crown these memories with wonderful images. It is your decision whether to take these images taken for you or not. If you say what I need is flight footage, remember that you will regret it.

How Much is Photo and Video Shooting Fee?

From 2022 until today, “30$” image shooting fee determined as; Although flight prices have decreased, there is no change in the service offered by your pilots, so there is no change in photo and video shooting fees. no change. Your footage shot from professional angles with state-of-the-art cameras gives you the opportunity to keep memories that you can never afford to lose.

Photo and Video Shooting Fees by Years

  • Year 2020 20 $
  • Year 2021 25 $
  • Year 2022 30 $

Paragliding Flight Prices 2022 On Sale 2

The thing that is already wondering is;

What will the price of paragliding flights be in 2023?

Of course, we cannot say anything definite about this in advance. However, considering the long years, Paragliding flight prices always increase compared to the previous year. If we take into account the economic conditions and the fixed expenses that are increasing every year; Flight prices in Oludeniz 2023 yılında, 2022 yılına göre %20-50 oranında bir artış olabileceği tahmin edilmekte.

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